Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Movie->12 angry men

Started seeing this movie around 2am and trust me you won't move your ass before watching it till the end.
This film is almost entirely set in one room for 90 or so minutes, as the valiant dozen play cat and mouse with the accused's life. To 11 jurors it's an open and shut case - guilty. The defendant's life lays in the hands of one liberal juror (Henry Fonda). The film meticulously examines the facts of the case, as each juror provides reasons for their decisions. Fonda struggles to convince his fellow jurors that there is room for reasonable doubt, but he's working against dubious priorities and deeply-ingrained prejudices. Although unconvincing in detail, the film is absorbing, and made the more remarkable as it is almost entirely set in one room and yet holds the viewers attention. The acting is magnificent; the 12 actors are essentially the movie. A classic film, not using fancy plots or effects, but the talents of actors. A great piece of film making and one of the best films coming out of the US. 

This movie is right on top of my fav list.Worth watching.

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