Sunday, August 25, 2013

Most Confusing Films Of All-Time

These movies gives us something to debate on what exactly was the movie all about.Checkout few of my fav.Will keep adding them.......

1.Donnie Darko ->  Its a Mad Mad World (One of my fav songs)

 Flash forwards,backwards, attempt at philosophical references, and you can make your own interpretation of the  story.Donnie Darko fans love its mindless story and its confusing ending.Director's cut was released in 2004 that  makes the twisty, time travel plot a bit easier to follow.Well thought-provoking tale about love, fate, fear and all the other emotions.I loved Donnie Darko and had many debates on the movie with my gang.


The movie tells the story of man who suffers from amnesia,as he attempts to hunt down one of the men who raped and murdered his wife.To make the matter worse the scenes were out of sequence of occurrence.Well had to watch couple of times to understand the sequence  f the  story.Bollywood movie Ghajni was inspired by Memento but only dared to copy the concept.                                                                                          


The idea was excellent, but it doesn't seem to amount to anything conclusive.Audience left with many unanswered Q's at the end of the movie wondering, "what was that microchip all about   and why didn't they elaborate more on that? Why was the religious group interested in the         number 216 The end of the movie left audience confused .But that's the beauty of these kind of films that it isn't meant to be fully understood by the audience.                                                        

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