Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Most Overrated Movies

This list is purely based on my personal opinion

1.Lawrence of Arabia ->Considered to be a classic one though but felt it was too long and boring.May be some of you may agree with me on this one :)

2.Amadeus->Thanks to the great music which holds the movie together ,but seriously with the twisted reality and lack of any strong acting performance this movie seems highly overrated.

3.Gone with the winds->Not my genre though,but surely was too long and boring,cant imagine how   it ruled the box office.

4.The Birds-;Hitchkock forces us to think why this movie was made.I guess the birds came and  did nothing but shit ;).

5.Avatar->Well,first of all i love this movie with the incredible special effects and creative vision of  james cameron.But suddenly you have the tech to create avatar clones and transmit brain signals to     them.The movie was definitely good but did not meet the hype it created.

6.No Country For Old Men-Again, not a bad movie. Great acting, cinematography ......How this film even got   nominated for an Oscar is beyond me and the fact that is won as best picture totally blows my mind.

7.The Departed-I love Scorces,but this one seems to be a masala bollywood movie that didn't did justice to     its characters and the hype surrounding this movie.I watched it and enjoyed it, but it's just an average movie,       with big stars and a famous director.

8.Sunset Blvd-Good performance all around, although not really Oscar worthy.May be the predictability of it all    made "Sunset Blvd." overly long and not nearly as pleasing and good as it could have been.

9.Citizen Kane-I quite like the story of them trying to find the meaning of someones last words. But it was very slow in places. I thought there were moments that were quite boring as nothing really happened. But there were a few scenes and bits in the film that I thought were entertaining.WHY do so many people think Citizen Kane is one of the best of all time or may be i have to watch it again.

10.Sin City-A slow movie with comic visuals that lucked out by being the "Hip" movie of the year that it was uncool to dislike. Too bad about Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, they ruined my impression about them,although the acting was not that bad.It's empty, it's shallow and a huge waste of talent.

 So do you agree? or your fav is on the list!!!!,Any movie that you think should  have been on that list. 

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